I'm Batuhan Kutluca

I want to be a Web3 Developer

My Projects

Portfolio Site

My custom portfolio site. I built from strach with React.js.

Web3 Exchange Dapp

Master Web3 development by building Uniswap - a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange React application with metamask pairing, live smart contract data fetching, and most importantly, the ability to create your own ERC20 tokens.

Web3 Blockchain Crowdfunding Platform

Ethereum through the blockchain network, writing solidity code, and, most importantly, the ability to create create, view, and donate to crowdfunding campaigns directly through the blockchain; this course is perfect to fully understand how web3, blockchain, Solidity, and smart contracts truly work behind the scenes.

Web3 NFT Card Game

Web 3.0 has the power to change the internet as we know it forever. Create your characters, create and join live battles, choose your battleground, and battle other players in real-time!


I've worked with a range a technologies in the web development world. From Back-end To Design

  • Front-End

    Exprience with

  • Back-End

    Exprience with
    Node and Databases

  • UI/UX

    Exprience with
    tools like Figma

About Me

I'm studying Computer Engineering in Turkiye. I'm interested in Blockchain Technology. I want to improve my web3 skills.

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